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This sounded like a useful feature, so I added Age tokens to Eileen's CiviTokens extension, which seems to be the most widely used extension of its kind. Until a new release comes out, you'll have to pull from the master branch of the git repo.


I would be building it as a View and setting the Roles for access to the View from there.


There are different tokens that can be selected in the message template to populate user details in the email. For custom fields, you can probably use {event.custom_<custom_field_id>} More about tokens -


I don't see any either, but the code to use in such an extension (as either a token or even a smarty modifier) seems pretty straightforward: if ($contact->birth_date) { $birthDate = CRM_Utils_Date::customFormat($contact->birth_date, '%Y%m%d'); ...

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