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Asking an other question drove me to the best option. I am not sending the confirmation email within webform but rather with a civirule. It's more efficient and also brings more possibilities.


There are multiple "token" systems in CiviCRM depending on your context. {$totalAmount|crmMoney} is a Smarty token, which only works in Smarty emails. System Workflow messages are Smarty, traditional templates don't handle Smarty by default, but can; Mosaico templates don't support Smarty (by design). None of the approaches suggested above are without ...


Once the extension is installed here is where to find TinyMCE identifiers


You can check out the version from github repo and place the template in your installation. I have just cloned https://github.com/voidlabs/versafix-template/tree/v1.1.19/dist/template folder to my Mosaico templates folder and it works. You can copy the folder as versafix-new and rename html file as template-versafix-new.html so your legacy copy wouldn't get ...

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