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Editable "Maximum number of multiple records" Custom Field Set option?

When you first create a custom group and it does not yet contain any data (e.g. no custom records have been saved for any contact) you are allowed to change anything. Once data exists, it is more ...
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Batch erasure of records in a multivalue custom field

You can do this with SearchKit! Step 1: Go to SearchKit and choose your Student Records custom data group as the main entity to search for. Step 2: Set your search criteria: Step 3: Select all ...
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Creating a profile for updating multiple membership records

If you use Advanced Search, you're searching for contacts, not memberships — and you can't use a memberships profile to update contacts. But if you use Memberships - Find Membership to search for ...
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Editing custom field creates multiple entries in reports and exports with same contact ID

Solved it. Missing primary key & messed up ID's in civicrm_value table
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