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Agree with Mick Kahn about using a note. As to the spinning cursor and deleting the field if you're unable to do it in the UI, the spinning cursor usually means a fatal error occurred somewhere, so check the web server logs or CiviCRM ConfigAndLog. To delete the custom field manually: Make a database backup. In the list of custom fields if you hover over or ...


You haven't said what field type you were using, but I think you should probably be using a note field rather than an alphanumeric. My understanding is that the note field isn't stored as fixed length.


Karin's answer is a good one. However, not all smart groups are created equal! Culling the right smart groups is what will fix your deadlocks. Identify your slow smart groups. Here's a script (rough, could use improvement) that you can run that will show you how long it takes to build each smart group. The latest version is available on my Github: #!/...


We have seen this on large instances. Things to do: upgrade to 5.13.5 (this also puts you close to the next ESR - a paid for service - which will be released on Nov20). There have been performance improvements - this will help. cull your smart groups; do you really still need all of them. reschedule the cron job -> ask yourself how up to date your smart ...

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