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From UI you can set the contact email to 'On-hold' this will prevent contact from getting any automated email from CiviCRM. The other option is use to mailing hooks to abort emails being sent based on some flag set for the client. HTH Pradeep


Actually, the answer lies in the Export, not the filter to create the list. I just added 3 Individual contact columns to the Export: (i) "No Bulk Emails (User Opt Out)", (ii) "Do Not Email", (ii) "On Hold: Primary". It evidently worked. The "Primary-On Hold" column set to 1 with the other two blank grabs the Bounces. The first 2 columns provide Opt-Out and ...


it means you haven't properly set up your bounce account - ie. beside not processing the opt-out, you do not process the bounces either - check the documentation on how to set it up

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