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Civimail: from address is wrong

It depends upon what is the email i.e Event registration or Donation receipts or reminders etc Civi allows you to choose your own from address(name and email) and not from the From address lists for ...
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2 votes

Civimail: from address is wrong

The problem was that the email address set in Administer -> System Settings -> Outbound Email was not what it should have been. I corrected it and now the problem is solved. Thank you for your ...
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1 vote

What values are required in order to send outbound mail via SMTP?

Transpires that the user under which the site runs had fsockopen listed as one of the PHP disable_functions. Removing that constraint solved the problem.
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1 vote

SMTP with Gmail and App Password: Civi says success, but it's not sent

I found that I needed to set up a new user account in our Google organisation and use that in CiviCRM. Now it works. Here are the steps I did: Note: English settings might be named a little different ...
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