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4 votes

How to fix Bookkeeping Transactions Report so it doesn't show redundant transactions (e.g., for changed Payment Method)?

So it would be an error in bookkeeping, not a fix, to omit some bookkeeping entries. For code maintenance and simplicity the implementation creates these transactions whenever there may be required ...
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2 votes

Using event.balance token

This Fuzion extension would be worth checking out, and if it doesn't provide the required token, could have a PR with the required code, which might be better than a standalone extension for this ...
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2 votes

Can we disable the "Record payment" button on contributions?

Once can find payments for contribution by clicking on Amount from Contribution result. The section which appears after clicking on amount shows all the payments against the contribution. I believe ...
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2 votes

Is there a way to allow one user to register many participants for an event and to send separate invoices to each participant?

I have my Alt Invoice extension, which sends an additional invoice to someone based on their relationship. I'd say that a developer could start from there to make an extension and be more than ...
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1 vote

How to record work trades as payment on balance owed

I would create a new Financial Account and Payment Instrument called 'Work Trade'. And use 'Work Trade' payment instrument to record $200. And while exporting accounts you can handle 'Work Trade' ...
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1 vote

How can we create memberships with two or more accumulated partial payments?

As of now, Partial payment is only possible through backend in CiviCRM. There is an open issue which extends it to be usable from live contribution page too. See
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