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I believe you also need the "CiviCRM: access contact reference field" permission, based on what you're reporting.


Sounds as if you may the ‘Hashed Mailing URL's’ option selected in your CiviMail Component Settings – Administer > CiviMail > CiviMail Component Settings /civicrm/admin/setting/preferences/mailing?reset=1 If enabled, a randomized hash key will be used to reference the mailing URL in the mailing.viewUrl token, instead of the mailing ID


I guess below permission are required fro user to update the mosaico template CiviCRM: edit message templates CiviCRM: edit system workflow message templates


I guess Activity type ACL extension will do your job. This extension provides additional permission for each activity type. By default its set to false for all activity type. HTH Pradeep


This looks like a hardcoded limitation in CiviCRM, and changing that would require some development work (i.e., there's no workaround or trick to it, just needs code changes). Interestingly, there's a comment in the code that indicates a desire to add support for ACLs instead of the sledgehammerish 'view all contacts' requirement:

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