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Print/Merge document printed on top of each other

You're correct that it's wkhtmltopdf although I don't necessarily think it's a bug. The position: absolute is causing wkthmltopdf to position everything relative to (0,0) on the first page, whereas ...
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Tokens in Mass Mail Attachements

I don't know of a way to do this. When I had a similar need I mail-merged in Word, then generated PDFs with the relevant Contact ID in the filename. I then uploaded all these and used a token to link ...
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How to use Word upload in Print/Merge function?

Which of the various Print/Merge windows are you using - ie what steps do you take to get to that window? (Similar-looking print/merge windows use different code so the functionality is not ...
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How do use upload function for mail merge with Word

There's two different things: Mail Merge, which is a native feature of word. Print/Merge document, with output as a word document, which is a feature of CiviCRM. (I'm not sure it has the ability to "...
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