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I found out by accident, or trial and error really, that if I select a Price Set in the 'Contribution Page' -> 'Membership Tab' then the new user is not created, but If I do NOT select a 'Price Set' and just the 'Membership Type', then the Backdrop User is created. Now to get that to assign the correct Role is the next task.


After much frustration and subsequent soul searching, contemplating the abyss of total consumption by the digital realm, a singular epiphany presented itself to me at the gates of Valhalla. It whispered in my ear, "you're using the wrong damn profile, you dimwit!" I had built a custom profile where I should have used the default "on behalf of organization" ...


Mostly when working with complex form requirements in Drupal, folk are opting to use webform_civicrm as the flexibility it provides opens up many new options. For example in your case you could use Webform Conditionals to determine which fields show based on the choice of Membership Type (or type an existing user has if they are logged in or using a ...


That's a wp issue, will be standard on all pages unless you remove it from your theme settings on wp. This has nothing to do with civicrm.


The permission you're looking for is CiviCRM: access contact reference fields. You can view the list of permissions from civicrm menu too via Administer => Users and permissions => Permissions and then click on WordPress Access Control link displayed on the page.


This might not be the same, but the information at this link comparing drupal civicrm webform to profiles might be a similar starting point: https://docs.civicrm.org/sysadmin/en/latest/integration/drupal/webform/#compared-to-civicrm-profiles


Welcome to CiviCRM Stack Exchange alicedd! Afaik, CiviSEPA mandate information cannot easily be made available in Profiles. CiviSEPA can be made available as a payment processor on CiviCRM Contribution pages though. CiviSEPA would then create a mandate when someone uses the page If you want to allow constituents updating a mandate you will need to create a ...

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