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You can use the search action designer extension to design your own bulk update actions.


On further debugging, I see that this function isn't returning anything CRM_Core_DAO_AllCoreTables::getClassForTable($this->rule_table). (Line 61 Dedupe/BAO/Rule.php) So, in getClassForTable, the list of tables doesn't include 'civicrm_view_members_1' and therefore $entity = CRM_Core_DAO_AllCoreTables::getBriefName(CRM_Core_DAO_AllCoreTables::...


We are experiencing a similar type error on staging site running 5.21 -we have created a custom field in the civicrm profile used for site registration, e.g. that matches on a unique identifier (card Number) -The error we are getting looks likes this : TypeError: Argument 1 passed to civicrm_api3() must be of the type string, null given, called in /home/...


I'm wondering if using a webform might be a better solution. You could have a paginated webform using webform civicrm, that gets the data into CiviCRM. Then on the webform adnaced, do a redirect to the Drupal registration form with the email address prefilled using the Drupal Prepopulate module.

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