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Don't forget the Form Builder extension now shipping with CiviCRM.


There is no 'one and only super simple solution' to your need. We use a mix of these tools (caldera, form processor + contact form 7...) depending on what we need to achieve. For example, do you 'just' collect informations that are related to the contact entity or do you also need to create relationships, activities or do you need to create user accounts in ...


AFAIK there is actually an integration of GF with CiviCRM but this might well be a paid extension. Depending on your security approach I would recommend using a solution where you can keep your CiviCRM installation separate from your public website. And if that is or might become a concern for you it would rule out using CiviCRM's profiles as they stand at ...


See whether this extension helps. The usage is a bit different in that it uses the standard self-registration process but only allows registration to succeed if the email address is already in CiviCRM. It does not check membership but could do. CiviAuthenticate might also be useful. It does not restrict registration but does restrict login access to ...

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