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Quicksearch: include the Organization's Nickname

There are 4 relevant fields to consider: Organization Name Nickname Display Name Sort Name Fields 3 & 4 are readonly "calculated" fields, which by default in Civi are simply populated ...
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Quicksearch: include the Organization's Nickname

The setting Search Preferences > Include Nickname, do work on a quick search for Organization but the result displayed will not contact nick name in it.
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Common Issue with Quick Search Functionality After Upgrading Multiple CRMs

Firstly, thank you for engaging with this troublesome issue. The fact that it occurred for some users and not others was truly meaningful. Today, I requested the users experiencing the issue to log in ...
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Quick Search stops working after latest update

Just to confirm, I have run civicrm:publish, and then cleared the cached data in the browser and it's now working for both sites. I had tried an alternative browser before, in case it was cached info ...
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