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This issue present on 5.25.0 Hover over the edit button to get the ssID. Delete the saved search entity if there is no mapping. This can be done by API/database. Agileware ref: SUP-18449


Afaik, updating of smart groups can be triggered both by the cron job as described jitendra but also by many actions in CiviCRM. A large contact base and/or complex smart groups may lead to performance and deadlock problems and you also need to consider flushing the group cache. I would recommend to read this SE question and this blog post to understand ...


I think you're looking for Rebuild Smart Group schedule job enabled at civicrm/admin/job?reset=1? Click on Edit and change the frequency to "Daily". Though, for exact time, you might need to write custom line in the cron file.


It has been reported here and it should be fixed by the CiviCRM 5.26.2.

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