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Awaiting approval participant status message template

It is within the Events - Registration Confirmation and Receipt (on-line) template.
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waitlist behaviour

I realised that I didn't have to wait for the participant status cron job to run and could run it from the console, so have done some testing and find that by default a cancellation after the event ...
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Can a Drupal webform be used to create a waitlist registration?

I do think that this is possible it also depends on the event configuration in CiviCRM. If it is not possible you could create a webform in which each participant gets the status on waitlist instead ...
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Can I have a price set option add a registrant to the waitlist if the event isn't full?

One approach would be to ask the resident/non-resident question first and direct them to two separate events: a residents one for immediate registration and a non-residents one with a max participants ...
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Event Waitlist - Paid

For your case I think you could instead use the pending approval functionality. That way a real-time payment is made but you can make the registration final.
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