This is a core bug, have logged an issue and provided temporary fix for it on the ticket.


Editing webform submissions don't go through to CiviCRM. This just changes the form submission result. And the URL link is more like https://www.example.org.uk/formurl?cid1=11446&case1=2055. Where CID can be CID1 or CID2 etc depending on which contact(s) you want to pre load into the form. And in the form don't have Update Existing Case set if you are ...


Pinto Vasa, Welcome to CiviCRm SE. Yes its possible to include any CiviCRM custom fields on webform which is available under their respective tab of CiviCRM webform config setting. Those fields will be pre-populated on webform based on logged in user details, will be empty if its a anonymous submission or new submission if logged in. The webform can be used ...

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