I've just tested this and thankfully I wasn't able to recreate the issue. In your settings for the 'Existing Contact' component, please could you check that the 'Enforce Permissions' checkbox is selected? It should be ticked by default. This should prevent viewing of other peoples' data.


We recently did a fair bit of work on multiple multi-value fields and that issue is fixed in the latest and tested by a UK partner and his client: https://github.com/colemanw/webform_civicrm Fixed in 8.x-5.x - secured with a test and backported to 7.x-5.x - so it will be fixed when we push next releases to drupal.org If you think that’s awesome 🥳 - you can ...


Stripe is working with webform civicrm D8/D9 complete with test coverage.

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