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Questions about the Webform CiviCRM Integration module for Drupal.

Webform CiviCRM Integration is a powerful Drupal module contributed by Coleman Watts that allows CiviCRM data to be collected in a Drupal Webform.

The integration provides site builders access to the numerous tools and widgets already available for Webform, and sidesteps some limitations of native CiviCRM data collection. A webform submission can be used to update contact information, group subscriptions, tags, relationships, activities, memberships, and event participation, amond other things. For additional information about the integration, review the following articles:

Do not use this tag for general questions about HTML forms and CiviCRM.

  • Use for questions about CiviCRM profiles when used as forms for data input/collection
  • Use for using other third party forms with CiviCRM
  • Use tags for the relevant CiviCRM components, e.g. or , for questions about system forms such as edit and composition screens.