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Thank you to both of you (Karin and Pete) for your suggestions : I have solved the problem. I have disabled Token and Entity Tokens Modules (and requested associated Modules) ... then reactivated : The probem comes from the Advanced User Management Module : when it is enabled, most of the tokens cannot be browsed (among which the default proposed ones in the ...


Yes! Official documentation is being created and can be found here:


Submitter [submission:user] def. shows for me in available tokens Drupal core 7.72 Webform 7.x-4.21 Webform Tokens 7.x-4.0


I have identified the problem. This occurred only for the activities where the activity participant wasn't set. So it's all about contact record type in the civicrm_activity_contact table. The issue happens when you load the activity where you don't have the target specified (record_type_id = 3). If this happens the activity data loads, but the custom fields ...


I checked with Dev and recommendation is to handle trailing spaces in the form layer (rather than in the API) -> so to start here is the fix for D7WFC -> If you see more of these in future -> let me know and we'll track down the next form entry point e.g. profiles.


Can you post the screenshot of the webform used to retrieve membership renewals? Not sure what you expect in the description, qty field. Or to stop 2 emails being sent when: Email Receipt to Contributor - is selected? Check whether Automatically email invoice when user purchases online is enabled on contribution settings? - Administer => ...


Groups are mini objects Tags are mini fields Instead of creating an object called locals, or major donors, you can make a group or smartgroup with those people. Instead of creating a "yes" or "no" custom field field to mark whether a person lives in a gated community, you could just create a tag called gated community, and then you don't need the custom ...


Right! In D8 -> look under Structure -> Webforms /admin/structure/webform

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