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apologise for the delay. Yes the issue was solved. It is in plan to have a new official release of the extension, in the meanwhile a patch is available.See here Kind regards Antonio


As Alan says below: No, webform civicrm doesn't make use of the price set or contribution options (which is just a hidden price set) associated with the contribution page it's connected to. You need to use the "Contribution Amount" field, then on the webform tab change it to a select box (radio) and enter the options you wish


This works for me once I add the initial 'wizard page' at the top of the Build elements so on front end i see then but I did not enable Membership Fee. do you really need that?


Yes there is a bug here with it not having a 'no default' option. from memory you can do something like this. switch to static, untick the option that is beahving as 'default', save, then re-edit, set back to dynamic and resave. does that work for you? Other things that may work depending on the component type Open 'source' and in the YAML find in the ...

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