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Tracking links in mailings redirect to login screen

Alright nevermind, I found the problem : it was my Wordpress extension Authorizer that was blocking any non logged-in access to CiviCRM. Solved now.
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Event Confirmation Message vs Event Confirmation Email: Ckeditor

I have an extension that converts textarea field to Richtext for some fields, Event confirmation is one of them, like to try?
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1 vote

How to disable automatic user syncing with Wordpress

I won't repeat the technique through which you can prevent CiviCRM creating a Contact when a User is created since that's available in the SE post you link to - but what I can do is recommend ...
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help me with cron configuration

What you have said you have done is not super clear, but I will assume you meant this to be two lines in a crontab file. I cannot speak to how you set that in cpanel, but I will address the crontab ...
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