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I know this isn't helpful for the current issue but when upgrading I create a copy of the database and zip file of the CiviCRM files - both with the version number as part of the file name. That way I can do multiple upgrades in quick succession and step back to specific versions if one of them gets stuck.


See the Access Control (Permissions) in WordPress section of the documentation. To access the backend you need the 'CiviCRM: access CiviCRM backend and API' permission. You can create additional roles with other WP plugins.


Welcome to SE! If you deactivate the CiviCRM plugin the data will still all be in the database and not changed. However, I'd be surprised if CiviCRM slowed anything down if its not being used, so I think you'll have to look elsewhere for your problem.


I'm not aware of any guides for installing on NAS Synology but general installation instructions are at It looks like you could either try to install in the Synology Web Station or create a Linux VM.


OK everyone, after much head scratching, log file digging and googling I managed to fix my issues as follows: Goal required: Migrate our web site from a Linux shared hosted package with 123reg to a cPanel package with cron facility with 123Reg. I followed all the steps recommended by my provider - whoops - including the backup and restore of the ...


Using contact subtypes will enable you to add new custom fields to that contact type - so you could add additional info for volunteers that isn’t applicable to donors. But be careful it’s not easy to change a contact subtype once assigned and what would happen if a person is both a donor and volunteer. It is possible to create smart groups based on virtually ...


Many of these questions are going to be specific to your organization's needs, and there are multiple legitimate ways to organize your data, depending on the mental model the users will have. With that said, here's some info: Using groups is more lightweight than contact subtypes. It sounds like you're using custom field groups specific to certain contact ...


Are you using phpmyadmin to export the old one? You can check the box for ADD DROP TABLE which should solve this. There should also be an option to disable key checks but the drop table might add that automatically. Using mysqldump on the command line it does this by default, and also by default it disables key checks.

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