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A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

× 125
for questions about preventing, finding, and merging duplicate contacts. This includes composing duplicate matching rules, using the dedupe system, strategies for preventing false matche…
× 118
Access Control Limits which may refer to CiviCRM inbuilt ACL options, or options provided by extensions that deliver Access Control
× 116
Equivalent of mail merge fields. Facilitates to insert information from the database into an email or a letter that is different for every recipient.
× 109
a powerful way to extend CiviCRM's functionality, incorporate additional business logic, and even integrate CiviCRM with external systems. The way they work is, that at key points in process…
× 100
Questions about installing and using CiviCRM's volunteer management extension. Before posting a question, be sure you also have the Angular Profiles extension installed -- CiviVolunteer won't work …
× 94
Questions asking about how appropriate CiviCRM is for a certain use case or environment, generally from the perspective of someone who hasn't installed CiviCRM yet.
× 86
a CiviCRM Extension available from
× 83
tracked on The used system is Jira. Clarify your question by using the issue nr.
× 77
an extension that allows rules-based actions, like automatically adding a contact to a group when he/she contributes more than predefined amount.
× 76
Questions relating to the CiviCRM Entity module,
× 59
Questions relating to CiviCRM's use of the Smarty templating syntax.