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Memberships ending a day early before auto-renew
3 votes

We set our memberships to and end date of 30th June then add a Grace period of 1 month to allow for collection of member fees. You can set grace periods and define the length of that period. Maybe ...

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Civisualize not reporting Gender
2 votes

Fixed by reinstalling the module

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Household member last name shows twice
1 votes

Fixed this after looking at the import of data. Remedy was to highlit the double name and click edit then save. it reset the data correctly. Did this via a bulk update

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How can I update a credit/debit card number, card billing address, or card expiration date to continue transaction processing - on
0 votes

Yes if you update the subscription it will update the amount that you have updated but it wont interrupt the processing or date of transaction unless you edit that date.

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