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Can you explain the relationship between groups, i.e a parent group
5 votes

If your monday weeders group belongs to the volunteers group, then members of the monday weeders will be acted upon automatically as members of the volunteers group. So when you send an email to the ...

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Can you change your default 'Activity Status' for adding a new activity?
2 votes

Yes, sorta! If you don't want to operate on your database directly you can configure some rules to make it work. Instead of actually changing what the default status is, you create a rule to set the ...

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how to drop all civicrm tables using drush?
1 votes

I haven't seen anything as clean as drush sql-drop (for drupal) yet, but the following works and is more thorough than the civicrm/sql/civicrm_drop.mysql file: #!/bin/bash # include this in ...

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