Is it possible to have an election of a group within CiviCRM.

Goal: elect users to hold certain roles within a group (e.g. editor, communication director...) and thusly:

  1. allow members to vote
  2. use certain rules to promote a user to a certain role (e.g. absolute majority...)
  3. Roles are effective on the Drupal side, where the user now holds (or holds no longer) a certain role within a group

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I don't believe such an extension exists for CiviCRM. However, there IS an Election module for Drupal, along with Voting API, which I haven't used. You could use CiviMember-Role sync to grant a role to members that allows them to vote, satisfying your first question.

You may be able to use Drupal Rules based on the outcome of the election - it appears Voting API supports this, not sure about Election module. This would satisfy parts 2 and 3 of your question.

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