I'm trying to get started learning how to make Angular pages within a CiviCRM extension so I ran civix help generate:angular-page and read some help text about an example. Cool.

Then I ran civix generate:angular-page EditCtrl about/me to follow the example in the help text.

I browsed to /civicrm/a/#/about/me and expected to see some of the content shown in my newly generated EditCtrl.html file.

Instead I saw a page with an error message "Unknown path".

enter image description here

How can I view the angular page that civix generated?

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    Is your js stuff loaded? Did you check the module registration in function yourextension.php->yourextension_civicrm_angularModules(&$angularModule)? Insert some test outputs...
    – nielo
    May 31, 2017 at 7:07

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I believe you first need to generate a module, à la civix generate:angular-module. Have you already done that?

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