Is it possible to retrieve Relationship Type Name in addition to an ID as Rules Token in Drupal 7? It would add some value to "Create/Edit Relationship" Rules action: we could use it in emails, like "Hello mr. Dow, congrats, you're Organizaton Boss of The Company now" instead of "Mr. Dow, you are [Relationship ID] of The Company". I'd like to provide a patch for civicrm_entity but not sure where to start from. Any advise, please?

Cross-posted here: https://www.drupal.org/project/civicrm_entity/issues/2986112

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It seems that Fetch CiviCRM entity by property action loads anything else but ID, so, in order to get a full Relationship Type, one may want to use another action with almost the same name has been used ( Fetch entity by id) which loads Relationship Type by its ID from any Relationship.

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