We have a website using CiviCRM that was recently switched from Drupal to WordPress as well as to a new server.

Everything on the website is working properly and they have had no issues with CiviCRM.

The problem: The websites and databases are backed up every night and the old backups are deleted upon completion of the backups. The CiviCRM database backup is failing because the database has 2 views (civicrm_view_case_activity_recent and civicrm_view_case_activity_upcoming) which have a "definer" which was carried over from the last server and does not exist on the new server.

The question(s): Is there a way to redefine the definer without recreating those views?

If not, is there code available to recreate those views?



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It is possible to recreate the views using the following script. (It also recreates the triggers and stored functions that can have the same problem

   Civi::service('sql_triggers')->rebuild(null, false);

Run the script with drush scr <script.php>

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