What's the difference between the 'administer CiviCRM' and 'administer CiviCRM System' permissions? What are some examples of system administration tasks that are permitted under 'administer CiviCRM System' but not 'administer CiviCRM'?

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There are some implied permissions which you can see here: https://github.com/civicrm/civicrm-core/blob/3bb9adfc8b7b19d8ef5cb5e27b981bd9b61b8769/CRM/Core/Permission.php#L898

public static function getImpliedAdminPermissions(): array {
    return [
      'administer CiviCRM' => ['implied_permissions' => ['administer CiviCRM system', 'administer CiviCRM data']],
      'administer CiviCRM data' => ['implied_permissions' => ['edit message templates', 'administer dedupe rules']],
      'administer CiviCRM system' => ['implied_permissions' => ['edit system workflow message templates']],

So administer CiviCRM gives you access to both system and data admin.

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