How can I listen in JavaScript to the event of a country value change on the country select field?

both #select2-drop-mask and #select2-drop are not available until the user clicks to open the select.

and the hidden select #country-5 is not firing the change event as its values are set programatically.

This question was asked here but has a wrong answer.

Thank you

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Try below code:

  CRM.$(function($) {
    $('#billing_country_id-5').change(function () {
      var countryId = $(this).val();



  • Yes! thank you! oh I've been working on this for hours!
    – Elad
    Jan 29, 2018 at 10:18

In general, when you want to listen to an event on a select2 you place the listener on the original form element (which is either an <input> or a <select>). When inspecting the dom, you'll see it close to the select2 div, hidden because it has the select2-offscreen class.

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