Does anyone know if this is possible? I want to save a URL in a CiviCRM field so that it's clickable when the field content is displayed eg in a report, or just in a normal CiviCRM page view.

Example: store the URL for a page on a contact's website, so that when I display the contact record, the website URL appears as a clickable link. I suspect it must be possible, but can't work out how to do it.


There two ways a field which can be used as link.

  1. Contact's website field
    This is field is available for Contact of all type i.e Individual, Org etc. on new contact form or can also be added to profile.

enter image description here

  1. Custom field of type link
    CiviCRM provides custom fields for different type. You can use custom field of type link if you want it to be used as link as it provides validation.

enter image description here



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