I see there is an extension that indicates it will allow group-specific price sets: https://github.com/zengenuity/civicrm_groupprice

I'm running civi 5.20 on Joomla, and when I activate this extension and edit a Price set, I don't see the option to limit a Price Set to a group.

Is anyone using this extension successfully? I see is is built for civiCRM v4.4, so I'll hazard a guess it doesn't work with 5.20 .. but I wonder, what are people doing instead, to provide group-specific pricing?

My requirement is that I need to provide Member and Non-Member pricing for an event with several options (like Opening Night + Conf and Conference Only), and Members and non-members pay different amounts... How can I do this?

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You could try CiviDiscount which offers options for eg auto-discounts for people logged in or using a checksum who are Members

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