I have two kind of organizations: A and B with a relationship type of A owns B, B is owned by A.

When importing my file, I can set that B1, B2, B3 belong to A1 and this appears in the summary but the reality of the relationship is not active (A can't view/control B and/or B can't view/control A)

This is an example where I set this manually


I checked the relationships and I can't force this parameter.

Can I and how do I set this in the .csv file ? I installed the API CSV importer extension but this means I need to upload two times.

Have I missed something? regards, Guillaume


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Thanks to @petednz-fuzion, solution was very simple:

  1. install the Related permissions extension which is already included in CiviCRM extensions and that you can add from : domain.com/civicrm/admin/extensions?reset=1

  2. Set the parameters the way you need at: domain.com/civicrm/admin/reltype?reset=1

  3. Select the relationship type you need to set

  4. Scroll down to Related Permissions Settings and set them the way you fits your situation best

enter image description here

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