Does anyone know the use of the civicrm engagement index?

Thanks in advance


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Per the documentation, it's "to gauge their level of interest or potential to be a highly active member or be easily mobilised for direct actions".

If you use a methodology that involves an engagement ladder, you can decide that signing an online petition is an index of 1, showing up in person to a rally is an index of 2, recruiting others to attend is an index of 3, etc. Then you can use CiviCRM to find users who have taken an action of a certain level or higher. This is also potentially useful to fundraisers who use moves management/donor journeys.

  • Could you include instructions for how to find people who have taken action of a "certain level or higher"? I cannot see that functionality in Advanced Search - I just have to select one particular level. Also, it probably doesn't matter and I think your logic makes more sense, but according to the docs "1 is a high level of engagement, and 5 is low level of engagement." Commented Nov 10, 2016 at 9:39

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