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Questions tagged [deadlocks]

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Scheduled reminder with multiple activity types causes database deadlock

I set up a scheduled reminder on activity with multiple activity types selected. The dropdown allows this, and it seemed intuitive. Should this work? The result was database deadlock. Error array in ...
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2 answers

Update DB Query fails sporadically when saving contact; nativecode=1205 ** Lock wait timeout exceeded

The exact query and issue is below. UPDATE civicrm_contact SET contact_type = 'Individual' , contact_sub_type = NULL , sort_name = 'XXXXXX XXXXXX' , display_name = 'XXXXXX XXXXXX' , first_name = ...
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CiviMail Deadlock Issue

I am facing deadlock on civicrm_acl_cache. I am sending email to 400,000 users. Many times, deadlock occur and due to system lock website goes down. Need help from team
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Deadlock when executing job to clear group cache

We have had issues where we can't send a mailing. Trying to send a test mailing gets stuck on "saving". I attempted to run the job to flush the smart group cache and the job log reports that it ...
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Deadlocked queries cause an instant error for end-users, but are retried in other circumstances

We have a lot of smart groups, and consequently a lot of deadlocks. There's already code in Civi that detects deadlock Exceptions, and then retries the query a few times. This is really helpful - I ...
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