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1 answer

Api get all option within sub entity

get all options from a sub entity named payment_instrument within a entity called OptionGroup
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Can I have more than 5000 options for a custom field?

Running Drupal 7.94/CiviCRM 5.57 I've created a custom field for an activity that contains 5,000 choices. Seems to work fine on the CiviCRM Admin side, but when I add that same field to a Webform I ...
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1 vote
1 answer

How to disable nickname field

I'm trying to add an option to disable the display of nickname in the setting preferences. The checkbox is appearing but it doesn't work, when the option is not checked the nickname field shouldn't ...
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how can I filter the list for address > "country" field in "new individual"

I want to filter the option list of the "country" field on the address tab.. I found out that the country field is getting the list of country field in "civicrm_country" table and ...
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