I'm making a public members directory using using Civi 4.7.6 on Joomla! 3.5.1. Member profiles includes 3 small sets of custom fields. One of those sets is multivalue (civicrm_value_certifica_es_pmi_4) and other one includes a file field (foto_16). Everything is going fine until I added both a file AND an entry to the multivalue field and tried to drill down to the contact individual page from the directory/profile listing page. Then, I got a DB Error and looking at the Log I saw the following:

[debug_info] => SELECT foto_16 FROM civicrm_value_dados_pessoais_2 where entity_id = 563 AND civicrm_value_certifica_es_pmi_4.id = 3 [nativecode=1054 ** Unknown column 'civicrm_value_certifica_es_pmi_4.id' in 'where clause']

It looks like (I'm not a DB pro...) the SELECT is trying to use two tables (civicrm_value_dados_pessoais_2, civicrm_value_certifica_es_pmi_4), but only one (civicrm_value_dados_pessoais_2) was loaded in FROM statement.

Does it make sense?

If so, does it looks like a bug or can it be something I messed up?

Thank you!


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