I am trying to use the MailGun extntion by teamsinger in WordPress ( Civicrm 4.7.11 )


The main issue I am facing is the webhooks back.

The documentation gives the path https://www.example.com/civicrm/mailgun/bounce

Which may well be appropriate for Drupal but not for WordPress.

The code seems to create a page for the hook.

Accessing that page manually


I can see that it is being reached via


(as it is giving the correct validation failure generated by the code )

The issue is I need MailGun to reach that page and Mailgun is not logged in of course and


returns with "Sorry, no content matched your criteria." response

I have turned off all plugins except CiviCRM & turned off permalinks and given "Master control for access to the main CiviCRM backend and API" to annoymous

All to no avail?

Any ideas?

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OK Solved

The URL should be


AND permalinks must be turned on.

Annoymous access is not required (it seems) for this extension

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