I have to set CiviCRM to collect subscriptions for next year.

  1. The membership fee is 190,00(childs) and € 225.00(adults).
  2. if a child has a brother, the brother has a discount of 5%
  3. Who pays can divide the payment: 90.00 € by 01/07/2015 and the remaining by 12/01/2015
  4. Who pays for it all at once has a discount of 5%.

I can set these payments CiviCRM? How? Thank you.

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There are several parts to your question, so I'll try to address them separately.

  • Part 1 you can handle with price sets.
  • Part 2 can be handled with the CiviDiscount extension, if the requirement is that both children are registered at once. If they can be registered separately, you'll need a hook that checks for the relationship.
  • Part 3 is the tricky part - what you're looking for is called "front-end partial payments". This has been written as custom code by Back Office Thinking - and there's a group of developers gathering funding to build something like this in core. However, there's no way to do this today without custom code.
  • Part 4 you can also handle with a price set.

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