I have two different newsletters – a monthly one to our full mailing list and a weekly one every other week to a smaller group. They use different templates so I cannot simply reuse a weekly issue as a monthly issue or vice versa, but I often need to repeat selected blocks (Mosaico) of content in both. At the moment, I am laboriously copying each element (title, text, button text, button link, image) from one mailing to the next, but this is really time-consuming. Is there a way to copy a block from one mailing into another mailing, eg by copy and paste or saving to a library?

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One way that I am aware of is to click into a block in one mailing and then select the "Source" button enter image description here

That will bring up the HTML source code dialog window enter image description here

You could copy this, and then paste it into a block on the other mailing and assuming there are no fundamental differences in the template's stylesheet, it should look the same.

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