I have a set of tokens that sometimes has values in them, and sometimes not.

How can I send an email where labels only are visible when value is filled?

Example: I want to send an event registration confirmation letter. In the event signup form, I have several custom fields, that are stored in in the particiapant record.


Your info; Number of rooms: «tokenvalue.customfield1»

Example when token value is filled:

Your info; Number of rooms: 2

Desired behaviour when token value is not filled:

Your info;

Current behaviour when value is not filled:

Your info; Number of rooms:

Any tip or pointers are welcome!

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If you look at the event confirmation template you'll see some sections with constructs like this:

{assign var="greeting" value="{contact.email_greeting}"}{if $greeting}<p>{$greeting},</p>{/if}

You can edit the template and include something similar for your tokens.

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