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HTML templates not working after upgrade from Drupal 7 with dompdf 1.2.1 to D9 with dompdf 2.0.3

In our Drupal 7 CiviCRM system I created HTML templates to produce PDFs that precisely positioned text on an A4 sheet (such as a tear-off return coupon and mailing address for a window envelope). This ...
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How do I add CSS styles to produce pdf letters without losing the customization after every update of CiviCRM?

The only way I have found to indent paragraphs in the PDF letters I am producing with CiviCRM and DOMPDF, is to add (manually in the code) a class attribute to the HTML <p> tag as in <p class=...
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Custom fields uploaded not available for pdf merge

Environment is Wordpress 6.0 and CiviCRM 5.49.0 The org I work for gives out scholarships on a yearly basis, so the applicant has to provide a couple of pieces of documentation, like transcripts and a ...
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Dompdf image not found or type unknown

CiviCRM 5.45.5, Drupal 7.87. Getting the dreaded "image not found or type unknown" error in PDFs. I've tried the solutions listed here (Print PDF Letter. Image not readable or empty), to ...
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