I would need a mosaico block with 2 button, is it possible to create? Thanks


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This is not an answer for how to create a new block, but if you need something quick and dirty with two buttons side-by-side, hold your nose for this horrible hack...

  • Drag over a "Two-Columns Block".
  • Change to Block Level Style so you don't mess up other blocks.
  • Change the Paragraph Size to the smallest (or use the instructions in the next section).
  • Disable "Show Title" and "Show Image".
  • Remove the text from both columns.

If you want to minimize the blank text areas:

  • Select one of the text areas.
  • Choose the Source Code option ("<>").
  • Substitute a placeholder: <p style="color:transparent;font-size:1px;">&thinsp;</p>
  • Repeat for the other text area.

Unfortunately, there are no options for aligning the buttons or making them different colors, but at least you'll have a two button block to butt up against other blocks.


  1. I'm assuming you are using the Versafix-1 template.
  2. I found that I had to use something other than an actual space character (or &nbsp;) for the text areas. Otherwise, the source code block wasn't saved the next time I tried to edit it. I could leave some transparent text, but I don't want to impact someone using a screen reader.
  3. You might be able to use "font-size:0" to completely eliminate the text area but I doubt you'll be able to select it again since there is no substance left for the editor to represent.

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