After updating to Civi version 5.45.1 we have this notice:

You are using tokens that have been removed or deprecated.

Please review your contribution_online_receipt message template and remove references to the token {$contributeMode} as it has been replaced by {no longer available / relevant}

I have found the $contributeMode in the edited plaintext version of contribution_online_receipt:

{if $contributeMode eq 'direct' AND !$is_pay_later AND $amount GT 0}

{ts}Credit Card Information{/ts}.....

Is there a different token to replace this with, or is it safe to remove?

I was not able to find much documentation on this issue

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Yes its safe to remove, so replace

{if $contributeMode eq 'direct' AND !$is_pay_later AND $amount GT 0}


{!$is_pay_later AND $amount GT 0}
  • Thank you so much, that did the trick Mar 1, 2022 at 8:59

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