Drupal 7 - Civi 5.45.7 In the past users have been able to create new field mappings (from the Advanced Search screen). Now I can't seem to find a way to allow them to do that without granting "CiviCRM: administer CiviCRM". Am I just overlooking something? Is there a way to grant average users the ability to create and update field mappings?

  • My question is very similar, but I'm coming from a participant search. The users are given the option to save the field mapping, but when they press the save button they just get a spinning wheel against the button which keeps going. Is that what you get or is this just something similar. If it won't do it, it ought to say so! I certainly don't want to use what is an "allow everything" permission.
    – Mick Kahn
    May 25 at 21:53
  • Ours is on contact and case searches (we don't have the events module on) the option is missing altogether - the admin role can see the "Save Fields" button at the bottom of the list of fields for export but non-admin users cannot.
    – RayWright
    May 27 at 3:25
  • So my problem is a bit different and I have now asked a separate question civicrm.stackexchange.com/questions/45026/…
    – Mick Kahn
    May 30 at 21:50

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At some point it became a javascript form and it says <span ng-if="data.columns.length && perms.admin">, so it means "administer CiviCRM".

See https://github.com/civicrm/civicrm-core/blob/097b4785cff256c7d46bb8ca8b394ed0d7483040/ang/exportui/export.html#L22



  • mmhh, I have users who do not have this permission ("administer CiviCRM") but the "Save field" button shows up.
    – masetto
    Aug 29 at 13:58

This option was initially not permissioned which caused errors for some users who could access but not save field mappings. Now it is well-aligned for those who can an export can also save a mapping since version 5.63.

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