Our priority is Name Surname and Phone Number while we are creating a New Individual Entry However when the same info is written, the system doesn't give a warning, which causes to create new accounts with the existed info beforehand. to solve this problem i have examined this essay below but i haven't got the desired results. https://civicrm.org/blog/spidersilk/understanding-civicrm-dedupe-rules

What i want is that the system shall not let me to create New Individual Entry if there is this phone number in somebody's profile already.

Could you please launch a "Matching Rule for Individual Contacts" to this.

Joomla! 3.6.5 - CiviCRM 4.7.17


Go to Contacts > Find and Merge Duplicate Contacts > Add Rule for Individuals and create a 'Supervised' rule - eg: Name & Phone dedupe rule

This probably only works for 'primary' phones rather than checking against all phones of a contact, but unless you have multiple phone numbers per contact, it should do what you need.


What Aidan said, but don't forget to use the Phone Number Validator extension to keep them clean and consistent!


Thanks for information. But.

I've done this before. There is no conclusion. I have the following two examples. Allows registration to be opened even though the First Name and Number match.

It may come different because I make it in Turkish on the screen. :)

enter image description here

Notice that the same name and number are the same. But the new individual recording was opened.

enter image description here


"PHONE NUMBER VALIDATION" in order to be able to use it, it is necessary for Turkey to support the countries.

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