How can I change the order of the address' fields on the page where I can edit the conatct's details?

Now I see the fields city, than postal code, than country, but I'd like to have postal code first, than city, and than country.

In the Address.tpl file is only so much:

{foreach item=addressElement from=$addressSequence}
     {include file=CRM/Contact/Form/Edit/Address/$addressElement.tpl}

How can I edit $addressSequence?


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I think you will have a significantly easier time just reordering the fields with a little jQuery in a custom version of the template you referenced above.

For completeness... You can see the sequence function here: https://github.com/civicrm/civicrm-core/blob/5dde2c09c10513a22464e8c4abcb6b4ca17fc1cb/CRM/Utils/Address.php#L288


[This doesn't answer your question, but may be useful anyway]

You can change the order of address fields used for displaying the address at Administer > Localization > Address Settings and change the Address Display section.

If you want to change which address fields are available for editing then see the Address Editing section of the same page. But that does not let you determine the order of fields when editing.

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