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Anyway to export all data for import into a local instance?

I know we can export contacts and activities but is there anyway to export everything (ex. activity types, custom contact fields, etc) so that I can import everything into a fresh Joomla/Civi install ...
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We need help with importing & mapping a .csv data extract from a 3rd party system

I'm looking for someone who knows CiviCRM's data importing and mapping processes. We have a .csv extract of data requiring some cleansing, importing and mapping. From what we can tell so far the ...
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Changing custom Contact Reference field from single to multi-select causes failure

I had a user report an issue with using a custom field. The field records who is the interviewer for a particular interview and uses a contract reference type field, and, on inspection, allows you to ...
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After upgrade to 5.50.4 the extension details not showing

After the upgrade to 5.50.4, the extension details do not display for any of the extensions under Administer -> System Settings -> Extensions. Here is the HTML that is produced: <tr class=&...
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How to save details in the New Individual Form, if the contact is Self Employed or is a Student

I was entering Contact Data and after Name details the next thing i noticed the Current Employer Field but I had Contacts who were Self Employed/Freelancers Students How do I Save their data?
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Display specific data in a wordpress widget/shortcode?

I have specific data that I've made available via the REST API using the data access plugin. I'd like to include this data via shortcodes or something similar in pages in WordPress. For example, I ...
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Can I deactivate my CiviCRM WordPress plugin without losing all my data?

We haven't used our CiviCRM plugin for quite some time, but it has acquired data I don't want to lose. I think it's slowing our site down and I'd like to disable it in anticipation of increased web ...
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Can no longer access CIVI data

I'm trying to help my client access CiviCRM data from their old website. They still have access to the files but when we log into Wordpress, the CiviCRM dashboard is empty. We created a subdomain to ...
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2 answers

exporting custom data structure

I'm looking for some recommendations. I've inherited a CiviCRM instance with a quite complicated custom data structure, and I want to review and update it. I was wondering if there were any tools or ...
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