I'm with a small non-profit, and we'd like new additions to our general mailing list to automatically receive a "welcome" email when we manually add them to the list (a group in Civi). Is this possible?

I read that we could set up an "automated message," but my impression is that this will only work if we have a subscribe button on our site that the individual must click on.

My preference would be to continue inputting new contacts manually then have an automatic email go out when I add them to the mailing list group, but I am open to new suggestions if this is not possible.

Could you provide insights on this or point me in the right direction? I am very new here; please let me know if I need to include more info and apologies for my ignorance. Looking forward to your input.


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You are able to use Scheduled Reminders (Administer > Communication > Scheduled Reminders) to automate messages and set when they go out. For your goal, you could limit the messages to go out only to a specified group/mailing list and you can based the automation on something such as when the contact record was initially created.

Click "Add Reminder", give it a title, choose entity type "contact" and "created date". Under "limit or add recipients" choose your mailing list. Then set up various messages and times based on creation date.


Another option would be to check what the CiviRules extension has to offer.


An other easy way to do that (if you are based upon Drupal and use webform integration) :

  • Create a custom field such as "belong to group A" (yes or no")
  • Create a dynamic group A for those who have this field set to "Yes"
  • Create a webform to manage this contact custom field (or add it to an existing one)
  • Use the webform emailing feature to send a pertaining email each time you complete this webform

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