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My mail_report: Finished execution of Mail Reports with result: Failure, Error message: is not of type String

I'm running civiCRM 5.30.0 on Drupal 7. I've designed a report to be sent weekly. To test it, I manually ran mail_report and got the detail below. Where is type STRING required? Parameters raw (from ...
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I need to cancel play for Jan. 30 [closed]

I need to cancel for tomorrow, Jan. 30. I am registered at tee 1B, along with Gary Alphin, Rick Maier, & Austin Troy. I am unable to play.
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Scheduled FTP data import

In my extension, I can now import some data (contact and membership) from a csv file through a specific download form. I need now to create a scheduled import, that search, once a day, a folder for ...
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Civicrm Activities - Scheduling conflicts

CiviCRM 4.6.11, Joomla 3.4.8 So we're using activities to schedule meetings between our clients and our staff. Our admin assistant selects the date and time, and the staff member that will be ...
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Using the 12 hour time display option, how can I schedule a mailing to go out at 1 minute past midnight?

I like to use the 12 hour time display option to set and present times. In most cases it is simply more easily understood. On a number of occasions it's been important to carefully schedule the ...
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Mailings aren't sent immediately

When I try to send a mailing, even if I chose to send it directly, it doesn't send and its status stays on "planned". I have to go in the schedule job menu to force the task. What can I do to just ...
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Job scheduler not working after Joomla update

The Joomla 3.4.7 update changed the session handler (mentioned in this LinkedIn posting ) The job scheduler fails. Looking at the error log here /administrator/components/com_civicrm/civicrm/...
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Why does CiviMail stop sending after the first 1,000 messages?

We have about 30k recipients in our lists and every time we send a mailing (New Mailing - Submit Mailing - Schedule Jobs - Execute Process Mailing) it stops after 1000 messages. We usually have to ...
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Mailer not working

The automated mailer on CiviCRM does not seem to be working. The scheduled emails are not going out. When I test the system I get the test mail OK but that's about it. Have double checked all obvious ...
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Getting ERROR: You need to send a valid key to execute this file when running Cron

When I run my cron job, wget -O - -q -t 1 When I use this link in my browser it works just fine no ...
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Multiple Followups

I'm looking for a way to add multiple followups to an activity. I don't want people to have to go back into the activity and enter re-enter a new followup if possible. Rather, I was thinking of ...
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scheduled mailings dont send - civicrm4.1 [duplicate]

If we schedule a mailing, they only ever say running in the status column but never get sent. The only way they send is if we hit "execute now", so at least we know they are no email config/password ...
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Scheduled mailings don't get sent

If we schedule a mailing, they only ever say running in the status column but never get sent. The only way they send is if we hit "execute now", so at least we know they are no email config/password ...
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Email-to-activity processing - Error message: Process Activities failed

Have installed CiviCRM 4.6.4 on Drupal 7.38 and have explored the various modules to identify how it can be used to help a small UK charity. I am having issues with email-to-activity. I set it up to ...
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All scheduled jobs disappeared

In my multi site installation all my scheduled jobs have disappeared. I don't know when, but most likely after an update. Is there an easy way of restoring all the standard scheduled jobs that are ...
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Cron job fatal error - scheduled emails won't send. AddThis 5.0.7 issue

I updated AddThis for Wordpress 4.0.7 to AddThis Sharing Buttons 5.0.7 and scheduled emails stopped sending. I determined that the cron job was getting a fatal error. Job path - "https://www.xxxxxx....
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Is there any documentation for 'safe' and 'aggressive' merge modes?

We are investigating the 'Process batch merge' scheduled job in CiviCRM, to automatically batch merge duplicate contacts. This calls api.job.processBatchMerge which seems to take the rule to use as a ...
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(Event reminder) Exclude Participant who registered after the event!

In some occasions we had some event participants who just turned up on the events without registering. A schedule reminder is already in place for registered participant, day before the event. Now ...
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How to compare CiviCRM to Salesforce?

I'm advising a small NGO and trying to figure out what is the best solution for them. Their data is essentially: client data: phone numbers, identification numbers, gender, etc. client-wise logs, e.g....
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