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Why does W3 Total Cache serve cached pages to logged in users (Wordpress)?

I'm using a contribution shortcode in a Wordpress page. I need the HTML/XML request to never load from cache for both logged-in and anonymous users. In W3 Total Cache, I have the "Don't cache ...
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CiviMail draft takes a really long time to save

We recently upgraded to Debian 9 so I think there are some server configs and tuning yet to be done. Originally draft mailings wouldn't save at all and I recreated the smart group that fed the ...
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Newsletters only display plain text, not HTML

I'm having a strange problem here: basically, whenever we send a newsletter, only the plain-text part appears. I have checked with the SMTP gateway and the emails it is sending out are the same as the ...
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Can someone help me understand smart group caching so I can prevent these deadlocks?

I know that the Civi devs have been struggling with this issue so I am not complaining or asking for it to be fixed - I just want to understand how it works, so that I can work aroud it. I am ...
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Mail and event drafts old version get loaded (caching issue?)

I can create an new mass email and schedule it. If I change the field 'mailing name' and save it, the changes show in the "Drafts and unscheduled Mailing' - list. But when I click on it the mailing ...
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Where are the "ConfigAndLog" and "templates_c" directories?

Many Stack Exchange answers say to "check your CiviCRM logs" which can be found in the "ConfigAndLog" directory, or to "delete your templates_c folder". What are the default locations for the ...
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How to disable caching?

I am working on an issue regarding Date Formats (Localization > Date Formats) and it took me a while to realize it is caching due to which changes in Localization.settings.php file were not being ...
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Is content accessed through a click-through link cacheable by Varnish or similar?

I have a client whose site grinds to a halt every time they send out a mailing because of incoming traffic. We're using Varnish without SSL endpoint termination, so right now, we're not caching those ...
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